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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 13, 2010 3:00pm-3:59pm EDT

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all connected to the times square bombing attempt. the very latest on who's been arrested and why. still no solution to the gulf coast oil spill. we're going to talk to one congressman who is holding bp's feet to the fire and demanding accountability. an illinois high school basketball girls team caught in the middle of the arizona immigration debate. are they being used as pawns for their school to make a political statement? and an alligatorç wrangler gets a bit more than he bargained for, all caught on tape, "bit" the key word. we'll talk to the swampmaster ahead. hello everyone. i'm alex witt live here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we begin with the developing news at this hour in the times square bombing attempt. authorities have made three arrests today in connection with fbi searches going on in massachusetts, new jersey, and new york. two were arrested in massachusetts and a third person was arrested in maine. attorney general eric holder had this to say about the fbi search.
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>> these searches are the product of evidence gathered in the investigation since the attempted times square bombing and do not relate to any known immediate threat to the public or active plot against the united states. i share that information just to indicate that this is an ongoing investigation and that we are actively pursuing all of those who were involved in it. >> nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has been following the story since it broke and with a good afternoon to you, pete, it's all about following the money trail at this point, right? it sounds like that's what's going on with the fbi talking to currency exchangers? >> reporter: without question. he has faisal shahzad has told the fbi that -- because they wanted to know, where did his money come from? he hadn't worked since he came back to the u.s. in february. he wasn't actively looking for a job until shortly before he drove this car into times square. he had an $1100 a month rent, three cars. he bought elements for his bomb. he bought a one way ticket back to pakistan. so they wondered where the money came from. what he's told them is he got
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money from pakistan through these currency exchanges, money couriers that are commonly used in the middle east to move money around. and so this is an investigative series of searches today. in watertown and brookline, two suburbs of boston, in southern new jersey, in camden and cherry hills and on long island in new york state in centereach and shirley all designed to look at where he says he got money and to then try to answer the question, which i'm told authorities don't know the answer to, and have no reason to think one way or the other right now, which is did the people who helped him get money from overseas know that he was going to try to drive this car with bombing materials into times square? as i say, there is no reason to think that these men that were detained today did know that but that's what they want to try to find out. three that were arrested, otwo n mass and one in maine all pickeç up on immigration charges. >> thank you.
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president obama is in buffalo right now. he'll be in new york city shortly for a democratic fundraiser this evening just blocks from where faisal shahzad tried to set off the deadly car bomb in times square. he may also meet with some of the police officers who actually handled the failed times square bombing less than two weeks ago. but officials in the big apple are furious today at what they say are homeland security cuts in antiterror funding for new york. money for mass transit security is being slashed from $153 million to $111 million or 27% while the funds for the ports in the city are being cut by about a quarter. but the white house says new york is actually getting $47 million more in antiterror funding when you include the $100 million in port and transit grants from the stimulus bill. joining me live is congressman elliot engel democrat from new york. good afternoon to you, sir. >> good afternoon. thank you. >> okay. who's right here? can we add all of these figures up? the white house right saying that new york is actually getting more money overall in terror funding than before? >> well, if you include the
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stimulus money which is essentially a one-shot deal i guess you could technically say that in this year new york is getting more money. but what happens next year or the year after when the cuts actually kick in and new york goes down? it's just absolutely ludicrous. you know, new york obviously remains the number one terrorist venue in the country. not only did we have the 9/11 episode but of course the times square bombing and new york is constantly being targeted so, you know, we fund all kinds of places all over the country, you know, god bless every place, but the fact of the matter is it's new york where the threat is and homeland security should be giving new york more money for transit authority for the cameras, for all of the kinds of things we need to fight terrorism, not less. >> all right. well, you're absolutely right in terms of what's gone on since 9/11 because i've spoken with many terrorism analysts who say there have been about 30
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attempts to do something or actually botched attempts so either in the planning stages or botched attempts in this country since 9/11 ten of which have been in new york city alone. that's about a third. if you look at the numbers of one-third the white house is saying that one of every $3 from the recovery act, $100 million, has gone to the transit and port security for new york and that is the largest recipient of all of the money in the country. now, is this the kind of thing you plan to confront the president about when youç see him? >> well, i will see him later. as you said, we'll be right near times square. and it's something that i'm going to raise very strongly with the administration because i just think that we should not be sustaining any types of cuts whatsoever. i can think of nothing that's really more important than making sure that we protect places like new york from terrorist attacks. you know, new york was chosen because it's a symbol and therefore it's a federal
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responsibility. >> right. >> to protect new york. you know, we need more cameras. the cameras are what help get the perpetrator. we need to even talk about putting moneys into adjacent counties to new york. i represent the district in rockland county. >> right. >> and they're ineligible for federal moneys. so the new york region really needs to be beefed up and needs to get more money and one-shot deals are not enough. >> point well taken. it's not just new york city alone. congressman eliot engel of new york thanks so much. afghan president karzai continues his visit to washington today where he is participating in a peace forum at this hour with secretary of state hillary clinton. karzai is on a four-day swing trying to smooth over tensions in the relationship with the obama administration. his visit comes in advance of both afghan peace talks and a major offensive in the southern afghan city of kandahar sometime this summer. attorney general eric holder faced tough questions from
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republican congressman issa today who suggested a special prosecutor may be needed to address allegations that the white house offered congressman joe sestak a democrat from pennsylvania a top job in the defense department in exchange for dropping out of the senate race in that state. >> i will be asking you a series of questions to find out if these multiple felonies asserted against the white house are worth appointing a special prosecutor and why since february when these were first alleged and through this series of many months we've seen no witnesses questioned and the white house allowed to simply say in the opinion of a nonattorney, a press secretary, that these were not problematic. >> congressman sestak is challenging senator arlen specter in the democratic primary for senate in the state of pennsylvania. new information this hour on the gulf coast oil spill. word of a new delay in the latest potential fix.ç
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bp says the so-called top hat dome won't be placed over the biggest leak today and won't happen until tomorrow at the earliest. meanwhile bp says the cleanup has reached $450 million, about $100 million more than the beginning of this week alone. and this week congress has been trying to get to the bottom of who is to blame for the deep water disaster. much of the focus is falling on equipment failures including multiple faults in the so-called blowout preventer. joining us now is congressman bart stupak, the chairman of the energy and commerce oversight investigation subcommittee. congressman, good afternoon to you, sir. >> good afternoon, alex. >> let's look at all of the things we know. we have a leaky cement fixture, loose hydraulic fitting, dead battery, all of these things that contributed to the disaster. what do you do in congress with this information to make sure something like this never happens again? >> well, i mean, throughout this whole process both bp and transocean who was in charge of actual drilling said oh, we run
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tests. what were those tests? i mean, a simple test like looking to see if batteries work? i mean, the blowout preventer was only down in the ocean, the sea floor like two months. i mean, the batteries don't go dead in two months. you have loose fittings. you have leaking hi drawlics. you have a machine that, a blowout preventer that was miswired. they're trying to make the machine pinch off the supply of oil and it won't work. they can't figure out why. the equipment they have on the sea floor are two different things. they didn't match up. it was miswired. just total incompetence. >> there was some sort of a red flag that should have been raised. these pressure tests, negative pressure tests performed on the well just hours before. i mean, what is bp's defense here? >> well, bp in fairness to them, i'm not -- we know we had pressure tests. that came from halliburton. on one side the pipe was 1400 pounds per square inch. on the other side it was zero.
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they should have been equal. it did send a red flag. now, who did halliburton contact? what were the discussions? was it just an anomaly? obviously not because less than two hours later the whole thing blows up. there are some real questions that have to be answered, not just bp but halliburton and transocean. >> do you think they are the kinds of questions that could eventually lead to criminal charges, sir? >> we'll leave that to the justice department but throughout our investigations as chairman of oversight and investigations it is not unusual for us to either contact justice or justice contact us andç say hey, go here or don't go there because we're looking at it criminally. could there be? well, you certainly have some m misfeasance and whether it rises to the level of criminality i'll leave to the justice department. >> appreciate your time. a young woman went out for her routine morning run tuesday and hasn't been heard from since. we're just now learning of a
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shocking twist. there are reports she may have been leading a double life. and it's been almost a year since nora shourd has been able to see her daughter who remains behind bars in iran. she is just days away from visiting her and will join us live. you could say this alligator wrestler got what was coming to him though we don't wish that on anyone. yikes. i'll talk with the swamp master about playing with danger. ooh, ooh.ç
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the story of a missing 22-year-old woman in southern california is getting more twisted by the hour. she vanished yesterday after going for an early morning run around 6:30 a.m. but today police have uncovered a very strange inconsistency in the woman's life. gordon takamatsu is in glendale,
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california with more. what are police learning now? >> reporter: well, alex, in the last hour or so the story has taken a dramatic turn. glendale police department officials as well as folks over at ucla are confirming that the 22-year-old who vanished early wednesday morning was not in fact a student at ucla. why is this important? well, police officials tell us it may have hampered their investigation into the disappearance in a very profound way. from the get-go, members of her family have told detectives as well as members of the media that she was, in fact, a ucla coed preparing for graduation in the coming weeks, that she left home early yesterday morning leaving her cell phone, çkeys, and car behind. they believed she had gone jogging in the foot hills here in suburban glendale. they've been questioning people at ucla, friends, alleged classmates but now we find out salas has not been enrolled at ucla since fall of 2008 and police at least at this point in
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their investigation believe the family may not have known about this. >> it's early to say, but with the information i just provided to you, that's totally in conflict with what the family understood. there is obviously deception. i don't want to call it a double life. that would be going too far on behalf of the glendale police department. but there is certainly some type of deception between the missing and the family on what was going on and what was about to occur especially with the fact the family was going to celebrate a graduation. >> reporter: glendale, california police detectives are now reinterviewing members of the salas family separately to find out what, if any, impact this discrepancy, a possible deception, may have had on her disappearance and meantime the search for the 22-year-old continues here in the foot hills outside of glendale to find her after some 36 hours since her
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disappearance. reporting live from glendale, california, gordon tokumatsu. now back to you. >> thank you so much for the update. new york attorney general andrew cuomo has launched his own investigation into the collapse of the housing market. now, this one focuses on whether eight banks among them goldman sachs, morgan stanley, citigroup, deutsche bank, provided false information to ratings agencies all in an effort to inflate the ratings of risky mortgage securities that ended up losing money. the federal budget deficit hit an all-time high in april. your government spent $82.7 billion more than they took in. the treasury department says it is the 19th consecutive monthly deficit. now, this is due in part to government spending to aid in the nation's recovery. now we've seen europe grappling with greece's debt crisis including a trillion dollars bailout to stabilize greece as well as the euro. is the u.s. headed for its own debt crisis? joining me now here in the studio is trish regan host of cnbc's daily show "the call."
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at least we get the bad news from you. at least you're smiling. should we be concerned? >> yes. we absolutely should be. look at what is going on in europe right now. we may say okay. that's europe and we are the usa but the reality is our situation isn't entirely that different than what we're seeing in europe. greece, they have a debt-to-gdp ratio of 115 plus percent. that is higher than the u.s. but the u.s. is higher than portugal. portugal is expected to be 85% this year. and higher than spain. so the reality is as bad as things are in europe, lately, alex, people have been looking at the u.s. as a hedge. i'll put my money in u.s. treasuries, because i don't want to put it in europe because i'm too scared. but at some point they're going to start to realize that we don't look like we have much more fiscal prudency than say europe does. >> so what does this do to our ability to borrow money? is it something we try to do every day?
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>> we do it every day, believe me. this is how you finance that kind of debt. $82 billion. we're coming up as a shortfall each year. so we need to figure out how we're going to get that money and we do it via treasury auctions and for example there was a treasury auction that happened today, $16 billion worth of treasuries were sold on the open market. these are 30-year notes and what we found was that the yields went up slightly which meant it's slightly more expensive right now for the u.s. to borrow money than it was say last week. so it's small, an incremental increase, but when you look over the long haul and i've done this and i'm thinking to myself how on earth are we going to get out of this situation? there is no real path to any kind of conserving of our funds. when you look at the additional entitlement programs, social security is going to get worse. we have health care now. these programs are going to cost billions, trillions of dollars and there is no real way at this point in time to pay for it.
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>> sobering, trish regan. thank you for the heads up. >> sorry. thank you very much. >> we'll see you on "the call" at 11:00 a.m. every week day on cnbc. it's time for the battle of late night joke. two hosts, one topic. you decide who had the line of the night on the oil spill cleanup in the gulf. >> the plan is to try to plug the leak this week with something called a top hat. but first they have to find an enormous game of monopoly that has one. >> that's right. prison inmates are helping out with the oil spill. bp officials were like how can we ever repay you? the inmates were like let's figure it out when we're [ female announcer ] for extra-dry skin... [ roars ]
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time to go across the usa. let's go first to massachusetts where a controversy is brewing after a catholic school withdrew its acceptance of an 8-year-old boy only after learning his parents are a lesbian couple. a parish priest hat st. paul elementary school says the couple's relationship is in discord with the catholic church's teachings. the archdiocese is evaluating
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the matter. next to california where calmer winds have helped fire crews there contain a raging 500-acre firefighter. 230 firefighters battled the blaze overnight. it caused 32 families to evacuate a mobile home park but they've since been allowed to return home. there's an old saying that goes something like this. never insult an alligator until after you've crossed the river. yeah. well, tell that to the swampmaster, because you see, jeff likes to wrestle eight-foot, 200-pound alligators for fun and takes his show on the road to entertain and educate the public about these amazing creatures. last sunday the gator confused jeff with mother's day brunch or something. watch for yourself. >> ah! ah!
3:26 pm
>> okay. the swampmaster joins me live from orlando. how hard is that, jeff, to hear and watch again? i mean, just hearing you scream like that, i am just wincing. >> yeah. i let out a couple good yells for sure. actually, i have no problem watching it. i know the mistake that i made. you know, it's actually a very exciting video even for me to watch. but it's not hard for me to watch at all. i know the mistake that i made. >> which was what? show me the scar as a result of that mistake. can you just show that scar? >> yes. >> it had how many staples and stitches? >> i have 36 staples in my arm and about 25 stitches. you know, actually you can see where he bit down on me first up in my bicep and he rebit me and actually rolled meç and luckil experience told me to roll with
3:27 pm
him. i kind of felt it coming or he would have snapped my arm. he had my arm in the back of his mouth which is where all the pressure is. you can actually see where his bottom and top jaw are. he never did let go of me. an eight-foot alligator will hold on to you all day long. i basically had to rip my arm out of his mouth. that's why the damage is so bad. i was lucky to get my arm out. after i got my arm out he grabbed my thumb as you can see and i really thought he had popped my thumb off so i was really lucky to come out with my thumb and my arm. i simply made a human error. it wasn't the alligator's fault at all. >> what's this, like the 13th time you've been bitten? >> this is my 13th bite. right. i have been bitten 13 times but i haven't been bitten in ten years. i've gotten better over the years. i choose to handle a wild alligator, one that's never been handled really, a gator that's been trapped by a trapper and is labeled a nuisance alligator, one that got a little too close to people probably chasing someone's dog around and he was
3:28 pm
taken to a farm where they get ready to be killed. i go there and buy this alligator and use him for my show for ten days and then retire him to a farm where he'll retire to be a breeder and live out his life. he has a lot better life with me. a lot of people saw the alligator taped up after the show with duck tape and i want everybody to know i did not do that. a state trapper came out and to secure the animal for a couple nights. that's their protocol and how they do it maybe using a little prudence given what just happened. you've seen i'm sure jay leno having fun with this on the tonight show. let's take a look, everyone. >> this guy was teasing the alligator with a stick when it chomped down on his arm and nearly chewed it off. you know their brains are only the size of a walnut and the alligator's isn't much bigger, so --. >> okay. you got to laugh at that now, jeff. >> oh, that's funny. that is hilarious. you know, i'm happy he just mentioned me.
3:29 pm
i deserve that a little bit. a lot of people are rooting for the alligator. >> real quick because i have to go but you're back with the alligator, right? >> right. they brought him back to me. and it was a pretty big deal yesterday, our reunion. i will use him again. i'll put him in a pen and let him heal up and unfortunately when he was caught by the trapper he beat himself up a little bit. i go out of my way to keep that from happening. i'm an animal lover big time so it kind of hurts when people say that, you know, i'm abusing the alligator when he's going to be killed and i buy him and never return him to the farm. >> we just saw you kissing the alligator. i don't think there is anybody who thinks you will abuse the animals. crocodile tears? not sure. good luck to you. stay out of the jaws of the alligators, won't you, jeff? >> thank you. i will take that advance. hopefully another ten years. >> thank you so much. stay safe. >> thank you. well, facebook launched a
3:30 pm
new congress on facebook page today including news about congress members who use facebook and lists the members' official pages. facebook says more than 300 members of congress use the site in an official capacity and the website says federal agencies account for more than 400 pages with fans into the millions. speaking of congress what do you think of the two-party system? is it time for a major change in the way our government works? the results of our nbc news/"wall street journal" poll may surprise you. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business.
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i'm julia boorstin with your cnbc market wrap. here is a look at how stocks are trading with just half an hour left before the closing bell. the dow down 86 points, s&p 500 down 11, and the nasdaq down nearly 28 points. a new sign that the labor market may be improving. the number of people applying for first-time jobless benefits fell last week for a fourth straight week. jobless claims fell by 4,000 to 440,000. mortgage rates dropped to
3:34 pm
the lowest level of the year this week as investors remained worried over the european debt crisis and sought refuge in treasury bonds. rates on a 30-year fixed mortgage dropped below 5% to 4.93%. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. alex, back to you. >> thanks for that. well, a little more than a week after mother's day the moms of the three american hikers in iran will finally get to see their children again. josh fattal, shane bauer and sarah shourd have already been jailed for 286 days butç today their family members have gotten visas to see them. sarah's mother, norashower, joi joins us now from minneapolis. hello to you. >> hello. >> i'm glad you're here and i bet you can't wait to get to see your daughter soon. >> i am so excited. we're -- this is like the best thing that's happened to us in nine and a half months. really, really happy that i'm finally going to get to see
3:35 pm
sarah and make sure she's okay, give her a big hug and hold her and make sure she's all right. you know? it's not the same thing as seeing your daughter, not seeing your daughter for nine and a half months when she's in prison. >> yeah, i can imagine or actually i can't imagine and don't ever want to have to be in those shoes but tell me what you know of her condition right now. this according to swiss diplomats who have visited her. >> the last news we got was april 22nd when the swiss went in to see the three. they didn't give us the best news. they said they were fairly okay but they're suffering from some health issues and they were talking about going on a hunger strike so it's really imperative that we go there and see them, let them know that we're okay. find out if they're really okay. >> josh and shane as i understand it are being jailed together. sarah is separate from them but is able to see them every day? >> right. sarah has been basically in solitairy isolation for nine and
3:36 pm
a half months, which is just horrible for me to think about. she does see the boys every day for we are told maybe a half an hour they get together. >> okay. what's your biggest concern about sarah? does she have any overriding health issues or mental health issues? i mean, goodness knows anybody would get depressed under these circumstances. >> right. you know, sarah has a tendency to be depressed and she has been -- she's had that problem in the past so i am very worried of course incarceration would do this to you. this is a long time to be isolated, a long time to be out of touch from her family and the rest of the world. you know, they have so little information there. they really don't even know what's going on around their case or what's going on in the world in general. so we're going to bring them a lot of news. bring them up to date. hopefully, you know, ease their minds that we are working really hard to get them out. >> i'm sure you will do that and i hope you are able to meet with
3:37 pm
iranian authorities. i know you have yet to hear if you'll be able to do that but it might help expedite the process. fingers crossed for you and safe travels and wonderful hugs as you extend them to your daughter >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. well, americans do not trust their government to do the right thing. they don't trust the two-party system or the stock market either. in a just released nbc news/"wall street journal" poll when asked about trusting politicians in washington to do what's right, 75% said they don't trust them while 25% said they did. as for the political parties, more americans have negative feelings than positive toward both republicans and democrats. for the tea party it's about even. only 15% said the two-party system is working well, while 83% said it has real problems and needs to be fixed. let's go to the fastest three minutes in news. we go "down to the wire" with mother teresa's big apple snub and why cougars may be cursed while sugar daddies may be blessed.
3:38 pm
ready? hit the clock. first you've heard of new dna evidence leading to a convict's release but how about this? in china a murder victim turns up alive 11 years after a man was locked up for killing him. the convict even confessed to the crime. he has now been released but is only getting $66,000 as restitution for his wrongful time served. at a stop in buffalo today president obama gets a taste for duff's famous wings and it seems he is not too hot on spicy food. he ordered ten medium wings and fries. art and politics collide in florida where a portrait of governor charlie crist fetched $7700 in an online auction this week. the gop of florida put it up for auction after crist changed, announcing he was running for senate as an independent changing parties there. the painting had been hanging in the lobby of the state gop headquarters in tallahassee. here's an atm with a scrooge mcduck style. the machine at the seven-star palace hotel dispenses bars of gold. we kid you not. the designer behind it says he
3:39 pm
wanted to capitalize on people's distrust of banks. okay. there is a new campaign to honor mother teresa. a new online petition is aimed at getting the empire state building to light up blue and white, those being the colors of mother teresa's mission on what would be her 100th birthday coming up august 26th. the initial request has been denied. in september the postal service is dedicating a new stamp to commemorate her humanitarian efforts. in india this small business owner is not letting anything stand in the way of his success. the man was born without the use of his arms but that hasn't kept him from pursuing a job as an electronics repair technician. as you can see he uses his feet to maneuver tiny screw drivers andç soldering irons. ♪ look and see celery everyone look and see celery ♪ >> okay. not sure what's more strange here the fact that we found more than one song on youtube about celery or that a new book claims
3:40 pm
celery can make men sexier. the new health read titled "stay young ten proven steps to ultimate health" claims eating celery boosts levels in a man's sweat making him more appealing to woman. yeah. i don't know about that one. this does not seem fair. while men live longer if they have a younger wife women who marry younger men die sooner. that is according to a new study out of germany which concludes the great earth aer the age dif the lower the wife's life expectancy. the best bet? marry a man her own age. it's a hard knock life for little orphan annie as the 86-year-old comic strip gets canceled. the final chapter will be running june 13th. and your child's teddy bear could go on a big adventure. a company in finland is offering vacations for toys at a cost of 200 bucks or so. teddy will send your child postcards from his trip to visit santa claus and come home with photos and videotape to share with your child. that brings us down to the wire.
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new orleans is known for its food especially seafood with the gulf coast oil leak showing no signs of letting up could a seafood shortage be on the way? we'll go down to new orleans and find out how the oil spill is affecting the restaurant industry. then it's michael jackson's daughter like you haven't seen her before. wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat... with a full family of excellent nutrition... and helpful resources. ♪ purina cat chow. share a better life.
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tar from the gulf oil spill is spreading turning up further than we've seen yet. the evidence of the disaster is hitting an alabama beach near florida and a barrier island southwest of new orleans. now there are concerns growing over how this spill will affect the seafood industry. we get this part of the story from louisiana oyster man in his own çwords. >> we are looking in the face of sort of a grim reaper sitting
3:45 pm
out there, a big monster sitting out there waiting to gulp us up. how much of this can we handle? the waiting and wondering what tomorrow is going to bring? i'm third generation doing this. i don't know anything else. i love it. we grew up doing it. there's no other -- no better life out there than what we do. we love what we do and we can't even imagine what we'd have to, you know, what would take place if we lose this ecosystem we have. we actually put down material and planted seed oysters and create this habitat for the oysters to thrive in. it's a lot out of our pockets. we have a lot of investment. we just started back in late february and we're hoping to haul through november to get most of our markets out. right now we're faced with no time. if this thing encroaches and
3:46 pm
comes in we don't have enough time to haul this. we usually do a lot of summer time harvest. you know, some of our better months are the summer months. mother nature, we are at her mercy right now. there is only so much time we have. if they can't cap this off, you know, we're fearful we're the next in line to close and closures will hurt us. we could survive a closure. we cannot survive if this all inundates us and winds up killing the ecosystem. >> the spill has already sent prices of seafood up especially when it comes to crabs, shrimp, and oysters. let's turn to nbc's mark potter at a seafood market outside of new orleans. good afternoon to you. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, alex. what you're seeing are some of the great louisiana jumbo shrimp that are, unfortunately, in short supply right now. let's get right to it with merlin scheafer. tell me just how bad it is in terms of you being able to get
3:47 pm
shrimp, crabs, and oysters? >> it's getting bad. the supply is getting very low on getting shrimp in. oysters, today is our last day probably for oysters because the supply is so low. crabs, just a very low supply. >> reporter: so to the customers here in your shop, what does that mean right now? >> it means the çprices increa uncontrollably and they'll just have to pay more to get the good louisiana product. >> and then that product not only is sold in louisiana but around the country. is this going to be felt in restaurants around the united states? >> it is going to be felt up the east coast definitely where a lot of these crabs are shipped to, a lot of the oysters are shipped to, yes. >> what is it doing to your business and you personally? >> it's hurting and slowing us down. >> reporter: this is a volume business, correct? >> correct. we need to sell volume to make money. >> reporter: you're not getting volume because of the oil. >> we're not getting volume because of the oil. >> reporter: you just bought a truck. tell me why? >> now i have to travel further
3:48 pm
to get the fresh seafood, have to start traveling toward texas borders, alabama, mississippi trying to bring in fresh seafood. >> reporter: how long do you think this is going to last? this is not just one season i suspect? >> no. this is going to be for a while. a good while. >> reporter: thank you for your time. that's the situation here in louisiana. it's a bad scene right now for so many people involved in the seafood industry and as he said, affecting other parts of the united states. alex, back to you. >> mark potter, not good. thanks very much. our top three today the biggest youtube videos making news and they all involve kids. nbc's courtney hazlett is confirming it is indeed michael jackson's children on a youtube video making the rounds. daughter paris is seen lip syncing to a rap song and youngest son blanket is seen as well. the videos were removed at the request of the jackson family when originally posted but have now been put back up. at number two a young man who may become the next justin bieber. ♪
3:49 pm
and 12-year-old grayson michael chance is becoming an internet sensation after posting a performance on youtube. his version of lady gaga's song "papparazzi" caught ellen degeneres's attention and she is having him on her show today as a special guest. at number one a dance routine causing a raging debate online. ♪ ♪ so these are 7-year-old girls performing at a dance competition. the video has sparked a spirited discussion about whether their attire and dance moves are age appropriate but they got their spins down for sure. while i, sneezing, itching eyes kept you from our favorite stream. the one that runs through a field where pollen floats through the air. but now, with the strength of 24-hour zyrtec® to relieve my worst allergy symptoms,
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here's a look at your top stories this thursday. federal agents conducted raids in massachusetts, new jersey and
3:53 pm
new york, in connection with the failed times square bombing. officials arrested three people, including two who police say have a direct connection to the suspect, faisal shahzad. walgreen's is holding off on selling the first over-the-counter test. the food and drug administration says the kit has not yet been proven safe or effective. nasa gave space shuttle "atlantis" the green light for one more countdown. it will lift off tomorrow morning. "atlantis" will carry up spare parts for the international space station. well the arizona law intended to crack down on illegal immigration has sparked a fresh controversy halfway across the country. this time in illinois. the girl's basketball team at highland park high school has canceled a planned trip to play in a tournament in arizona, despite winning their first conference title in 26 years and raising all the mondaythy they need to make the trip. the assistant superintendant of schools says the trip quote would not be aligned with our
3:54 pm
beliefs and values. former alaska governor sarah palin jumped into the controversy, blasting the school's decision during a valley in nearby rosemont. she said, them are fightin' words when you say a a girl can't play in the basketball tournament for political reasons, so we're going to see about that. even if we have to do it on our own. even if the kids have to go rogue, girls. our two guests are radio hosts. welcome to you both. all right. guys, i want to get weighing in on both of you. what your listeners are saying about this. have they talked about this? i'll let you weigh in on that first, mark. >> no, they've talked about the arizona immigration law, to be sure. particularly the first version which specifically permitted racially profiling and merely being in the same ice cream shop as a cop, they could arrest you for not having your papers. the school incident, there are a numb of people whoç angry, ups and the school is expressing its
3:55 pm
view the same way. >> mcgraw? >> the school has an opinion, mark, you have an opinion. how come no one decided to ask the girls, who have an opinion. this is a great teachable moment for the girls to decide as a team. >> mcgraw, do we know whether or not -- the superintendant made that decision. do you know without talking to the girls or their parents? >> it has been reported that it was the superintendant. and it was the one -- she decided. many of the parents and many of the girls i'm hearing from and reading about are upset. how come no one asked the girls? >> mcgraw, i can't think of anything worse than to have the girls vote on this. think about how the latino girls on the basketball team think. 71% of americans think that latinos will be stopped in arizona, legal citizens will be stop. you're going to have the white girls vote one way and the latino girls vote the other way. this is the problem with this law, it divides people. at the end of the day -- >> whoa, whoa, mark, it's nice for you to tell the latino girls
3:56 pm
on this team how they think. how do you know what they think? why don't we ask the team? this is the problem -- the superintendant doesn't like the law. so she's superimposing her own views on the team. which is outrageous. >> can we also look at this on a broader perspective, from a national perspective. to you, mark, what's so interesting. we've got a couple of surveys to talk about here. the pew research poll says 59% of adults survey give their overall approval to the arizona law. and even the nbc/"wall street journal" poll we put out 64% say they support the arizona immigration law. >> but 70% of latinos are against this law, because it focuses on them. one of the things we learned throughout american history. whenever you pick on a disfavored minority, the minority dislikes it very strongly. the majority is often okay with it. i'll give you the example of jim crow laws, the vast majority of alabama and mississippi supported treating blacks as
3:57 pm
second-class citizens, but the blacks didn't like it very much. >> mcgraw, every citizen has each individual rights that should be equal to the person standing right next to them, regardless of their race, creed, color, gender, whatever. so what do you say to that? >> mark, you have every right not to go to arizona. and anybody -- >> so does that school. >> but you know what -- >> these girls do not get that choice. why are you defending the right for everyone to have an opinion, except these girls? these girls -- >> the school has the right to its opinion. >> the school is expressing its opinion. >> but the girlsç have a right- the school is, the school is usurping their rights to decide. what about the team? >> it's a team, mcgraw. >> well, let's -- >> how do you let the team decide. >> some go and others not go? that doesn't make any sense. >> that's going to have to be the last word. mark levine and mcgraw mill haven -- >> i don't want to be on mark's team. >> you guys can talk, and that's
3:58 pm
what you just did, thank you for doing that. that's our show for this thursday, i'm alex witt, the "dylan ratigan show" is up next. he'll talk about terror funding in new york city and the new fbi terror raids in his state. stay with us. so heading to the doctor uh... yeah? you gonna ask him this time? about what? our erectile dysfunction. don't want to talk about it. look, you're not alone, millions of men with ed have talked to their doctors.
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